Thursday, September 23, 2004

Recommended Link on Women

Found a new link to explore. Margaret Heffernan has a web site and a new book coming out. In the Articles section, read her FASTCompany story from 2002. It will give you a good overview of where she is coming from.

I quote from this article:

The Legally Blond generation is not interested in compromise or assimilation. It wears its femininity with pride and seeks success on its own terms. If that success can't be found within traditional businesses or business schools, then these young women simply won't go there. "If I don't fit into GE or Ford or IBM," one bright young woman told me, "that's not my problem. That's their problem." Rather than fight the system, this next generation of women simply dismisses the system. Instead, these women seek places to work that value individuals -- whether as customers or as employees. They seek places that are transparent and collaborative, that respect relationships as the bedrock of all good businesses. What women want are companies that look a lot more like a network than a pyramid, companies where fairness is a given, companies that value what's ethical above what's expedient.

I approve. As a father of two daughters, young ladies really, I am concerned about what the future in the workplace holds for them. I know their mother has helped prepare them. I hope I have given them enough confidence to try!

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